středa 10. dubna 2013

V/A - Underground Goes To Town Vol. 1

This is CD compilation of underground bands formed in Hradec Kralove (East czech). Its benefit for social activities of local youth centrum.
THEMA 11 (emo-hardcore), TOSTAKI (emo-hc), PAVILON M2 (indie-rock), OPRÁVNĚNÝ KAŠEL, AQUAMARINE COFFEE, BROSKVIN SATNIK, SKA´N´DAAL (ska-jazz), COMA EXIT, RAINDROPS, EPIPHANIA, N.V.Ú (punk rock), NEXT IN LINE, 4 STUCK, HIROŠIMA (crust/grind), NCC (grindcore). All songs are previously released except bonus track of legendary industrialcore band  DEAD HOUSE CHICAGO I.R.A and remix track of VICTORY NOX  (member of I.R.A.).
Vol.1 in name of CD is kind a joke - vol.2 was never released.

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