pondělí 10. června 2013


Demo records of band from Hradec Kralove, with members of Zkouška Sirén, La Prosperité... 

pondělí 27. května 2013

Esazlesa - Chtěl bych vidět svět dětskýma očima EP (2011)

Second record of Esazlesa includes two songs and was released as a 7" vinyl but also as a split CD with Depakine Chrono.

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Esazlesa - Vyhlídky a konce 10" (2010)

Esazlesa is a five-piece atmospheric sludge and epic screamo/post-rock band from Cheb. This is their first record 10" vinyl with four songs for fans of Envy, Isis etc.

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středa 22. května 2013

Palahniuk - Demo (2011)

Palahniuk are a hardcore-punk band from Prague heavily inspired by DC hardcore. They have interesting lyrics as well. This is their demo recorded in Hellsound studio.

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Esgmeq - Behave Yourself (2005)

Esgmeq were from Western Bohemia and played wild punk with rock'n'roll feeling and specific lyrics. Due to their wild lifestyle they became a cult in certain circles. Members are in Skupina Štěstí. This was released by Silver Rocket Records.

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Kahkashan - Demo (2007)

Kahkashan was a crust-grind band from Orlová featuring members of Tupak Amaru, Sin of Lilith or Hibakusha. This is their demo CD-r.

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Resurgo - Demo (2013)

Resurgo are a crust band from Brno with ex-members opf Pripyat or Corebastards. This is their demo.

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