sobota 20. dubna 2013

See You In Hell - Umět se prodat (2004)

See You In Hell are from Brno and contain/ed members of Mrtvá Budoucnost, Los Sommros, More Bad News or Tummo.
Recorded in studio "Šopa", press 1000 LP /500 tape, LP - Ultima Ratio/Insane Society Records, Tape -  Phobia/Insane Society Records). CD 500 pcs, Too Circle Records - Japan. Reeditions:  tape on Ibuku Dipekoza (Indonesia), Twisted Justice (Croatia), CxAx Music (Russia), CD on Cryptas/Bazar Rock/Endless Brutality Of Men (Mexico/Chile), CDr on UHP Distro Wahnfried Records (Spain/Gemany).

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