sobota 20. dubna 2013

V/A - Posloucháte Jižní Čechy vol. 2 LP (2009)

Second part of compilation of hardcore bands from South Czech. Cooperation of more labels: Bad Entertainment Records, Člověk, Exit Production, Plazzma Records, I Feel Good Records, G.R.F.Records & Distribution, Noise Master Records, Mur-Mur Meteoroid Production, ABC Distro, Kamčův D.I.Y. Swět Records, Korek Records, Pope's Ass Productions, Killing Art Records, Project Productions, Papagájův Hlasatel Records, Refugiado Records, Rauha Turva, Totalitarianism Still Continues, Trapped Inside Records, X-Basta-X Distribution, Waking The Dead Records, Rarach Katus Records, War Pigs Records, Show Me Your Tits Records, Trashin Mrte Cocots, W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A Records, Wolfdrunk.
BANDS: Gride, Pressboil, P.M.L.Z., Dezinfekce, Radiolokátor, Mururoa, S.O.S., Den za dnem.

Cover and inlay.

Stáhnout - Download

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